Why YES Natural Lube?


There is a decent natural lube range on the market, but after a year-long search for a chemical-free lube which truly alleviates vaginal dryness, I found YES to be the best lube available. As nature-identical as possible, YES organic lubricants and moisturisers offer exceptional, long-lasting performance, are non-derivative and actively nourish the mucous membranes.


What’s so special about YES?

It’s simple. I am convinced that YES offers the best lube and vaginal moisturisers because it is the purest range available. I believe that we should put nothing less than certified organic lube near intimate tissues, especially when suffering from vaginal dryness. YES natural lube is formulated from plant-extracts to give the most natural vaginal lubrication. With YES, you can rest assured that you’re not exposed to synthetic additives or chemicals present in leading brands such as KY Jelly, but that you apply excellent healing and nourishing skin foods to your intimate area.

YES Natural Lube & other Products DON’T contain …

  • Petrochemicals
  • Oestrogens or oestrogen-mimicking chemicals
  • Know skin irritants such as parabens (which have cancer concerns)
  • Glycerine/glycerol (causes thrush outbreaks, is a skin irritant & leaves skin sticky)
  • Grapefruit seed extract (banned in Switzerland because it is often adulterated with parabens)
  • Propylene glycol (cell wall disrupter, pulls chemicals through and into the bloodstream)
  • Hormones (making YES safe to use if recovering from Breast Cancer or wanting to avoid HRT)
  • Silicone

Why Choose Organic Lube?

As a Clinical Nutritionist, I know how important an organic diet is for health and wellbeing; as a holistic healthcare practitioner, I know that organic standards are not just vital for food. 60% of all chemicals put on the skin end up in our bloodstream, and intimate tissues are extra vulnerable to irritants and tissue-damaging chemicals. That’s why I would only ever recommend organic natural lube.

Certified Organic Lube that Works, Full-Stop.
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