YES WB Water-Based Lubricant Applicators (6 Pack, Organic)


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YES WB Pre-filled Lube Applicators for Vaginal Dryness Relief


YES WB Water-Based Lubricant in applicators offers a convenient, clean and hygienic way of delivering lubrication deeper inside the body. 5ml of YES WB is dispensed in a sleek lube applicator tube with smooth contours and an easy twist-off cap. The soft clear gel gently adheres to the walls of the vagina to offer vaginal dryness relief and surface protection without any risk of embarrassing leakage. Once in place, the presence of YES WB Organic Lube is hardly detectable as such, as it closely simulates natural lubrication. If discreet use is desired, there is no betraying smell or taste.

Each box contains 6 pre-filled single-use lube applicators, holding 5ml of organic water-based lubricant each.

Why buy YES WB Lube Applicators?

  • Discreetly and conveniently deliver deep lubrication and hydration in the right amount to the right place.
  • Insert in advance of lovemaking, to allow YES WB to form a protective, lubricious film to ensure effective, discreet and natural-feeling lubrication. (External use is still recommended to ensure adequate lubrication.)


Key Features of YES WB Water-Based Lubricant:

  • Enhances sexual pleasure & sensitivity with silky sensuous feel
  • Compatible with natural rubber, latex & polyisoprene condoms & toys
  • pH-balanced for the vagina
  • Intensely hydrating to rapidly relieve dryness & discomfort
  • Perfect substitute for the body’s own lubrication
  • No smell, no taste, no stickiness, no white fall-out
  • Hypoallergenic: formulated to minimise the risk of allergies
  • Replenishes natural moisture
  • Hormone-free
  • No chemicals, sugars, glycerin etc, but certified organic ingredients
  • Protects mucous membranes and, if necessary, supports healing
  • Leaves skin clean & residue-free


How to Use Applicators

View the illustrated directions for using YES applicators.

  1. Remove applicator from the container. DO NOT USE if applicator tamper-evident tip has been removed.
  2. Hold the applicator at the wide end and shake contents to the narrow end before insertion.
  3. Snap off tamper-evident tip by twisting.
  4. To apply, insert only the narrow end of the applicator into the vagina. You can lie down, stand or sit to insert the applicator.
  5. Once inserted squeeze the wide end, several times, to ensure the contents are released.
  6. Continue to squeeze the applicator as you extract it. These are single-use applicators – discard when empty.
  7. They are made from recyclable materials, please recycle where possible.


YES WB Natural Lube Ingredients

  • organic aloe vera (renowned skin food)
  • organic flax extract (particularly beneficial for mucous membranes)
  • 3 synergistic plant-based gums – guar, locust bean and xanthan (contribute to deep velvety texture)
  • food-grade preservatives
  • citric acid to buffer the pH