YES DG (Double Glide) Water & Plant Oil-Based Lube Combo


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The World’s Best Lube: YES DG Water & Plant Oil-Based Combo


Buy YES DG Double Glide to get the best of both worlds: organic water-based and plant oil-based personal lubricants. In a single pack, YES DG contains:

  • 100ml tube of YES WB natural lube (discreet, natural silky gel which matches vaginal pH, moisturises & lubricates)
  • 80ml tube of YES OB plant-oil based personal lubricant (luxurious plant-oil based natural lube, whose rich oils & butters nourish & condition skin, giving lasting lubricity & comfort)

This means you can enjoy the world’s best lube combo or use the products separately.

Please note: while YES WB natural lube is condom-compatible, YES OB is NOT.


Why use a water-oil-based combo – what’s the Double Glide effect?

YES DG intensifies slipperiness by giving you the longevity and high viscosity of YES plant oil-based lubricant and the natural feeling and moisturising effects of the YES water-based product.

While feeling reassuringly similar to naturally produced lubrication, the silky glide from YES WB will not last very long simply because it is a water-based product. The glide from YES OB, on the other hand, is different. its creamy, richer texture does not evaporate and lasts much longer.

Therefore, if you first apply YES OB natural lube, followed by the water-based product, YES WB effectively slides on a coat of water-proof OB, increasing the degree and duration of the glide.

If the woman uses WB internally and the OB is applied to the man’s penis, you achieve an exciting synergy, giving you a new dimension in pleasurable lubrication.

The term Double Glide was coined by eminent Psychosexual Therapist Ruth Hallam Jones who found that the unique combination of the 2 YES products gave enough time and lubrication to women being treated for vaginismus, for them to relax trustingly and build up their tolerance of penetration. Conventional products didn’t last long enough or provide enough natural feeling of comfort to achieve good outcomes. Ruth Hallam Jones said that the success of this approach had “changed her practice”.

The technique is now widely accepted, not just in a therapeutic context, but as a valuable and sensuous means of prolonging and intensifying sex.