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YES Baby Fertility Lube

Vaginal dryness can be a major obstacle when trying to conceive because a dry vagina isn’t a sperm-friendly environment. Regardless of the cause of your dryness, knowing this fact can heighten your stress levels in times where you really don’t need it. This, in turn, furthers vaginal dryness and you find yourself in a vicious circle.

Unfortunately, studies have shown that most conventional lubricants kill sperm because they…

  • are too acidic (they’re made to match normal vaginal pH, while sperm is neutral to alkaline)
  • are typically based on glycerine which means sperm lose moisture which reduces/destroys their viability
  • may even contain spermicide

Here is a graphic to illustrate the effects of infertile –type mucous on sperm. Personal lube which changes the vaginal lubrication to the same consistency has very similar effects.


Conventional Fertility Lube

To avoid problems with regular lubricants, you will find fertility lube products on the market. However, conventional sperm-friendly lube ranges contain synthetic chemicals and methylparaben as a preservative which could be harmful to your health (and thus to your unborn baby). What’s more, studies have even shown that …

  • While Pre-Seed was the least harmful to sperm, it still had a small but still significant decrease in sperm movement. (92% still alive after 2 hours)
  • ConceivePlus’ sperm survival rate was at 70% 2 hours after collection
  • MaybeBaby, a supposed fertility friendly lubricant, left only 50% of sperm alive
  • ForeLife, another “sperm-friendly” lube, only achieved 27% vitality after 2 hours

You Need a Conceive Plus/First Response/Pre-Seed Alternative…

… and YES Baby is your solution. Just like the other YES natural lube and vaginal moisturiser products, YES Baby Fertility Lube is certified organic, giving you a purity guarantee.

And that’s not all. YES Baby’s Pre-Seed alternative not only creates the perfect environment for sperm – the unique 2-part system also restores the vaginal environment to its typical protective pH after ovulation.

Other fertility lubes ignore vaginal pH considerations, which is short-sighted. Neglecting vaginal pH with a sperm-pH-centric product and using a neutral-to-alkaline lubricant all month, could have a negative impact on vaginal health since the typical acidic environment protects against infections such as thrush or bacterial vaginosis (known risk factor in early miscarriage). Vaginal pH imbalance can also further vaginal dryness, all conditions that can negatively impact on your chances to conceive, the very issue you tried to address in the first place! That’s why YES Baby’s Pre-Seed alternative is a better choice when looking for fertility lube.

YES sperm-friendly lubricant comes with ovulation test strips to identify your most fertile days.

Down the Line … Pregnancy-Related Vaginal Dryness

Due to hormonal changes, vaginal dryness is very common in the 2nd trimester. To keep things smooth, YES all-natural lube is your best and safest choice. YES water-based organic lubricant contains no glycerine, sugars, petrochemicals, parabens, grapefruit seed extract, GM materials or skin irritants, making it the best option for both you and your unborn baby.

Certified Organic Lube that Works, Full-Stop.
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