As a Clinical Nutritionist and Natural Fertility Educator, I whole-heartedly endorse YES Lubricants.


If you have come to my website, I know that you’re on a mission to find the best lube/vaginal moisturisers. You’ve come to the right place. My name is Karen Featherstone and I work as a Natural Fertility Educator and Clinical Nutritionist in Christchurch, NZ. Over the years, I have worked with women of all ages, and I have found that many suffer from vaginal dryness. What all these women had in common was that they found it difficult to source a brand which …

  • truly alleviates the discomfort of vaginal dryness
  • is certified organic
  • is readily available in New Zealand


As a woman I understand just how debilitating vaginal dryness can be and how much it can impact on intimacy. So when, after a year-long search, I discovered YES natural lube and vaginal moisturisers, I was convinced I had found the safest, very best lube brand available in the world.

After seeing and experiencing what a difference YES products can make, I therefore decided to make them available to all women in NZ.

Clinical Nutritionist & Natural Fertility NZ Educator (Christchurch-Based)

Are you looking for help with your reproductive health or fertility? Are you trying for a baby but it’s just not happening? Have you been told to lose weight to improve your chances of conception? Are you a woman struggling with hormonal imbalances? If your answer is yes, then Karen Featherstone, Clinical Nutritionist and Natural Fertility NZ Educator can help you. Phone or email to make a booking and improve your health and wellbeing today!